Alicja Stachowiak Prelegent
Alicja Stachowiak

Deputy Director of the Wielkopolska Agricultural Advisory Centre in Poznań, appointed to the position by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

In WODR in Poznań she coordinates district agricultural advisory teams and the administrative and economic department responsible for, inter alia, investment management. For several years an employee of the Marshal’s Office of the Wielkopolskie Voivodship. He is a representative for agriculture on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and a curator of the Zakłady Kórnickie Foundation. As the chief specialist of the Office of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, she is responsible, among others, for the implementation of the Rural Development Programme or the Sectoral Operational Programme Restructuring and Modernisation of the Food Sector and Rural Development. Graduate of postgraduate studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in administration and management of European Union funds and projects. She also holds a master’s degree in agriculture from the Poznań University of Life Sciences.

Privately, she is a local government officer and a fan of tourist trips around Poland. She spends every free moment actively, most often tending her garden.