Bartosz Królczyk Prelegent
Bartosz Królczyk

Founder of the PASSIVE M2 design studio and the Wielkopolska Passive House Association.

My passion is designing houses with excellent comfort and minimal energy consumption. I have been specialising in Passive House construction since 2010 – since a conference in Darmstadt, where I saw the potential of applying the standard on a large scale. My experience at the Wielkopolska Energy Management Agency has further strengthened my knowledge of low-energy construction.

I am proud to be at the forefront of a revolution that contributes to protecting air quality, the climate, protects Poles from rising energy costs and makes our country independent of raw materials from hostile countries. I share my passion and knowledge at conferences and trainings for architects and other representatives of the construction industry.

My goal is to further develop and disseminate the passive and zero-emission standard in order to create buildings that meet customers’ expectations, take care of our well-being and make the world a better place.