dr Kalikst Nagel Prelegent
dr Kalikst Nagel

A Poznań resident, though not by birth, but by choice. He graduated from the 8th Adam Mickiewicz High School in Poznań. A lawyer educated at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań – here he obtained both the professional title of Master of Law and the academic degree of Doctor of Laws.
For more than ten years he has been a practising lawyer, advising on contracts in business transactions, infrastructure investments and public procurement. He is currently an employee of Centralny Port Komunikacyjny sp. z o.o., while also running his own office of legal counsel.

For many years, he was involved in the organisation of the LEDNICA 2000 Youth Meetings and the year-long operation of the John Paul II Centre on Lednica Fields. A two-time coordinator of the LEDNICA 2000 Youth Meetings. A husband and father of four children.