Jacek Sommerfeld Prelegent
Jacek Sommerfeld

In the position of Director of WODR in Poznań since September 2021.

Graduate of postgraduate studies: Poznań University of Life Sciences, majoring in Agriculture, and Poznań University of Economics, majoring in Organisation
and management in public administration. Before being appointed as Director of WODR, he was Head of the Internal Control Office at ARIMIR in Poznań, He was also Head of the Czerwonak Municipality from 2014 to 2018. Recently, he supervised, among others, the organisation of the National Field Days Sielinko 2023. – the largest event in Wielkopolska organised for farmers. Currently, he also oversees the introduction, development and ongoing updating of the “EDWIN” advisory platform for farmers, which has been awarded twice the gold medal of the POLAGRA fair.

Privately a happy husband and father. Local government officer. Councillor and plenipotentiary of the Wielkopolska Voivode for Family Matters. For years, he has taken an active part in organising the patriotic spectacle of the Eagle and the Cross. A football enthusiast and a faithful supporter of Lech Poznań.