Jan Bręczewski Prelegent
Jan Bręczewski

He has been involved in sales and marketing since 2009. He has many years of experience working with business clients in industries including FMCG, sports, legal, film, production and services. Develops sales networks in Poland and internationally.

Practitioner of managing and supporting distributed teams. Has worked with teams both in Poland and abroad: UK, USA, Benelux, Germany, Ukraine, Indonesia. He advises and trains on building sales and marketing strategy, communication and leadership in startups and larger companies.

Involved in sport since early childhood. Initially as a football player, then a competitive swimmer. In his ‘sporting retirement’ he competed amateur in MMA and trained in triathlon. From experience, he knows the perspective of how children, young people and professionals function in sport.

He developed an original method of mental training, which he used in sport and later transferred to the business world. Based on his experience, he took up the problem of professional burnout at TedX, which led to the development of methods and tools in the area of corporate wellness. He cooperates with the CSV-student.pl Foundation and the academic community in Poland.