Jeremi Rychlewski Prelegent
Jeremi Rychlewski

Teaching assistant professor at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Transport, Poznań University of Technology, specialising in traffic engineering and rail transport infrastructure. The scope of his research includes optimisation of station track systems, shaping of passenger access and space, traffic lights (on railways and public roads), shaping of tram routes, priority for public transport, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, urban planning.

Author of more than 100 national and international publications, as well as chapters in books. His professional experience also includes the design of railways, streets and traffic signals (including signals with advanced intelligence), as well as urban and spatial plans. He actively participates in studies on the development of the transport network of the Poznań agglomeration, including the implementation of the Poznań Metropolitan Railway.

Chairman of the BRD Section of the Association of Engineers and Communication Technicians of the Republic of Poland, member of NSZZ Solidarność, expert of the Jagiellonian Club and of the Cities for Bicycles Association, member of the Municipal Urban Planning and Architectural Commission in Poznań.

Interests: Traffic engineering, urban planning, topography, geography, history.