Michał Kibil Prelegent
Michał Kibil

Michał Kibil is co-founder and Senior Partner at the law firm DGTL Kibil Piecuch i Wspólnicy S.K.A. and co-founder of the 7/4/3 initiative.

Prior to opening the DGTL law firm and setting up the initiative, he gained experience in individual law firms, ran the Warsaw branch of a law firm of several dozen people and was head of one of the practices in two international law firms. He is a specialist in HR, data protection and legal aspects of IT. Michael advises and trains on all issues related to the broad topics of employee employment, copyright law, data protection and new technology law. He is particularly interested in the impact of digital transformation on the area of employee engagement. He studied law at the University of Warsaw, where he also completed postgraduate studies in labour law.

Michał is an attorney registered with the Regional Bar Council in Warsaw, where he also trains trainee attorneys in the area of HR and the use of new technologies, among others, as of 2019.