Sławomir Malewski Prelegent
Sławomir Malewski

Sociologist, business consultant and implementer of social research and analysis. He has thirty years of management and consulting experience in enterprises, cultural institutions and NGOs. Since 2018 on the board of the Polish Chamber of Business. In the 2016-2020 term, member of the council of the National Museum in Poznan. Since 2019 on the Board of the Lukasiewicz Research Network – Lodz Institute of Technology. In 2021, member of the Supervisory Board of the Academic Business Incubator of Poznań University of Technology. Since 2020, he has served on the presidium of the Wielkopolska Regional Council of the Future Industry. Since August 2022, he is a member of the Economic Area Development Council of the Polish Investment Zone – Wielkopolska. Since 2012, founder and CEO of the ALTUM Foundation. Since President of the Board of the consulting company RELEVANTIS.