Poznań affairs during PKG

In Poznań, during the Poznań Economic Congress there were topics related to our city and region. Such panels certainly include:

Entrepreneurship in Greater Poland is the foundation of the social system. What does this mean today and tomorrow?
Infrastructure for “small” and “big” sports. How to implement investments for everyone?

In search of a place for culture in Poznań.

These discussions were very popular among the audience, which gives us a clear signal that Poznań residents want to talk about their issues. Among the panelists were several people who have local government or local government authority. This allows us to hope that the conclusions drawn from the talks will lead to changes in Poznań and the surrounding area.

What are the characteristics of entrepreneurship in Wielkopolska and what impact does it have on shaping society?

Have you managed to find a place for culture in Poznań?

What investments are being made to ensure equal access to sports infrastructure for all age and social groups? And what does it look like in Poznań?

Watch the panel discussions and form your own opinion.

Congress will start in 153 days
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