What will the Poznań Economic Congress 2024 surprise you with – see what’s new at the Congress!

The next edition of the Poznań Economic Congress is fast approaching. Every year, the organizers expand the event, adding new elements to the congress space and program with new elements. What new elements await participants this year?

There will be new elements at the 2024 Congress:

  • Expanded international program – this year’s Congress will feature a number of Panelists from outside Poland; the program will include more elements on regional, European and global issues,
  • Inspiration stage – a specially prepared space for individuals, entities and organizations with a breakthrough idea or to present their achievements; all to inspire!
  • Networking and workshop zone – this is our answer dedicated to entrepreneurs and those who are primarily looking for relationships at the Congress;
  • Online system – the entire Congress will be in one place, accessible in a few clicks; details coming soon,
  • New Partners, Panelists and program elements – as every year, the Congress will surprise you with new names and program items; and it won’t be just panel discussions – stay tuned for more information!

We also know that the Congress will be held in a new venue, where it has not been before.

Details are coming soon. Stay tuned!


Congress will start in 116 days