Idea of the Congress

Poznań and the Wielkopolska region have always been at the centre of Polish ideas on the economy and self-government, recognising the principle of thrift as an essential element in the existence of society or administrative structures.

Referring to this heritage, we chose Poznań as the perfect place to create an event that would be a regional space for debate on society, economy and entrepreneurship. This is how the idea of organising the Poznań Economic Congress was born, with the aim of having an honest discussion about what awaits Wielkopolska, Poland and the world in the years to come. What business, financial, economic and social challenges will we face?

How can the standards of thrift, understanding of business responsibility and self- governance developed in our region become part of the compass needed to navigate a diverse world?

All previous edition showed that such event was needed. The Poznań Economic Congress 2023 attracted more than 1400 participants, 50 partners and 150 speakers. In 2024 we hope to repeat this success on an even larger scale.

The Poznań Economic Congress was created to harness the potential of Wielkopolska for the development of the whole of Poland. It is a place for discussion, presentation of achievements and exchange of views, knowledge and experience.

The Congress is also an opportunity to reflect on what awaits us in a world conditioned by the effects of broken supply chains, uncertainty resulting from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic or climate change. Where, if not in the Wielkopolska region, do we have the task of speaking out about how to face the new reality?

Our regional identity, which has been cultivated for generations, is a response to the need to take responsibility not only for the development of the economy, but also for oneself, the family and the state.

What topics does the Congress address?

Poznański Kongres Gospodarczy to multitematyczne wydarzenie wypełnione przekrojowymi debatami. Najważniejsze wątki, które zostaną poruszone:

  • Security (energetic and military) and the future of Central and Eastern Europe – What challenges and prospects await us 2,5 years after russian aggression against Ukraine?
  • Poland’s position on the international arena – How does Polish hard and soft power translate into the realisation of domestic interests?
  • Innovation and new technologies – Where are Polish companies in terms of creating and implementing innovations?
  • The future of NATO and the European Union – What lies ahead for these institutions under new leadership in Europe and across the Atlantic?
  • Sustainability and green technologies – How to lead the climate (r)evolution cautiously?
  • Smart city and modern urbanism – How to shape urban space under new planning and environmental regulations?
  • The Polish conquest of space – successes and prospects for the domestic space industry.
  • The future of Poznań and Wielkopolska region – What can inhabitants of Poznań and Wielkopolska expect six months after local government elections?

We will soon publish full programme of the Congress – stay tuned!

Congress will start in 204 days