Date of PKG 2023

Last year’s Poznań Economic Congress was a place for the exchange of thoughts and ideas, meetings, networking and the generation of new ideas. The event was widely echoed in Wielkopolska and Poland. We want to continue the idea of the Poznań Economic Congress, so we are pleased to announce that this year’s second edition of the PKG will take place on:

28-29 September 2023

which is exactly six months from now. Last year’s PKG was attended by over 900 participants. There were 26 panels with 121 panellists from the world of economy, sport, culture or politics. Almost 90% of the participants declared their attendance at the next edition of the Congress this year. We are convinced that the good feedback will encourage more distinguished guests to come and participate in the panel discussions and backstage talks.

Last year’s edition of the Congress exceeded our expectations,’ says Jan Zujewicz, initiator of the Poznań Economic Congress. – It was very well received by many communities, thanks to which we were able to get to know many different views, concepts or ideas at the Congress. I am sure that the next edition of the Congress 2023 will become an even more spectacular arena for a pluralistic debate about Poland and the world.

The Poznań Economic Congress is a unique event for the western part of Poland, bringing together representatives of the private and public sector, from the world of economy, culture, sport and politics. This year, discussions are planned on topics including logistics, geopolitics, deconcentration of public administration, energy security, cyber security, sustainable development and green technologies, as well as – very importantly in the context of the Congress venue – the promotion of the Poznań brand.

Preliminary estimates indicate that the Congress will attract around 1,500 participants. Over the two days, they will listen to dozens of panels with about 150 panellists. Importantly, admission to the Congress will be free. Online registration will be required and will begin within a few weeks.

We will be providing further information about this year’s PKG – location, speakers, guests and much more – in the near future.

Congress will start in 116 days
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