PKG Awards 2023

As part of the Poznań Economic Congress 2023, the Poznań Institute presented the PKG 2023 Awards.

The 2023 PKG Awards honor people and entities that are exceptionally active in their field. The distinction recognizes dedication, effort and efficiency as essential components of achieving success in your field of activity. The PKG awards are for those who carry out their activities based on the Poznań work ethos, in line with the mission of the Poznań Institute.

They were awarded in 3 categories:

I – “Social activities”

The category concerns activity and service to others. It includes charity, youth, educational and local government activities. The most important distinguishing feature of the PKG Award winners in this category is their dedication to the cause and the energy they put into serving others, but also the effects of their work and how it radiates to others.

The winner of the PKG 2023 Award in the “Social Activities” category was the Marrow Team.

An organization that has been working for 15 years to prevent blood cancer and promote the idea of obtaining bone marrow donors and bone marrow transplantation. The Marrow Team is a group of volunteers that helps implement all the foundation’s activities. Their distinctive red T-shirts are visible at every major healthcare event.

The award was received on behalf of the Marrow Team by Dorota Raczkiewicz – head of the Marrow Team and president of the Anna Wierska Dar Marrow Foundation.

II – “Innovations”

Awarded for innovative industrial, technological, conceptual or organizational solutions. Regardless of what category of the company’s activity the innovation concerns, the award goes to the organization that introduces new solutions that lead to significant improvements or optimization of operating costs. This is a reward for those who boldly and dynamically introduce innovations in their everyday activities.

The winner of the PKG 2023 Award in the “Innovation” category is Polregio S.A.

Polregio is the largest Polish railway carrier. Every day, approximately 1,700 trains run on tracks across the country, and in 2022, nearly 90 million passengers used POLREGIO services. The latest Polregio innovation is a video mat, a solution that, on the one hand, provides passengers with the best possible access to ticket sales and, on the other hand, optimal costs of the sales process.

The award was received on behalf of the company by Adam Pawlik, President of the Management Board of Polregio S.A.

III – “Ambassador of Poznań”

This is a reward for those who on a daily basis make Poznań famous beyond its borders, adding to its reputation and image. The Poznań Ambassador is a person who, with the Poznań ethos of work and action, confirms the image that Poznań residents enjoy. Moreover, it not only makes sure to spread the fame of Poznań beyond its borders, but also remembers to maintain, nurture and consolidate its Poznań roots. In short – a true ambassador of Poznań.

The winner of the PKG “Ambassador of Poznań” Award is Szymon Szynkowski aka Sęk

Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk is the Minister for European Union Affairs, a resident of Poznań by birth, a long-time city councilor, and a member of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland of the 8th and 9th term. In his work and the mission entrusted to him, he remembers Poznań, its inhabitants and their needs.

Congress will start in 116 days
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